Jeanette Brown is a multimedia artist that currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky. She has lived in Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, Kentucky, Upper Michigan, and Turkey. She continues to travel. Her primary media are film/digital photography, glass, ceramics, and pen/pencil/ink. She has been practicing in glass for over three years. In photography, she has been composing imagery for thirty years but developing/editing for the last ten. Jeanette received her Associate in Arts from Tulsa Community College. Someday, she will be continuing her education to include a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a concentration in two and three dimensional fine art.

Photo of Jeanette Brown
Photo credit: Matt Wethington


I use a variety of media as a result of letting my concepts determine the path of my work. Common reoccuring themes of my work are time, process, and permanence. Usually, one or more of these themes is combined with other ideas from the subjects of history, religion, psychology, geology, and sociology. I'm interested in how humanity connects and constricts the larger universe by the creation and control of our own realities. How do our realities offer us permanence through correct practices? My imagery is often a question or critique of the values we attribute to the rules and objects we create in a society and/or the celebration of the freedom created from letting go.